6. Evaluation: The presentation

6.1 Judge the product's effectiveness
In this step, we want to judge how well the components of the research project/problem were addressed.  Your teacher will likely have a grading rubric to score.  We also encourage students to (1) score themselves, (2) score each other if on a team, and (3) score other reports/projects  When doing this, be polite and report out exactly what you/they did, when, how they addressed the rubric.  

Download:  Project Presentation Audience Feedback Form from the Buck Institute for Education.  

  • What was your answer to the driving questions?  
  • What information did you learn doing the research for the PBL?
  • What other relevant problems, topics, or questions could be investigated?
  • What skills did you learn during the research process and PBL?  For example:  writing, calculating, experimenting, communication, creation?


6.2 Judge the process

In this step we want to reflect on the learning of the research and the project/problem.  The reason why we want to do this is because you learn more when you reflect.  To do this, think about everything that you went through.  Plus, you worked hard!  You should recognize everything that you experienced, what you accomplished, and reward yourself.  Download: Student Self-Reflection on Project Work from the Buck Institute for Education

Here are ways to judge the process:

  • What did we/you collaborate on?  What would make that collaboration better?
  • How did we do with presenting?  How could we have presented better?
  • How did we do with problem-solving skills?  If you encountered challenges, what did you do to overcome it?
  • How were your time management skills? What would you do differently?
  • How were your organization skills?  What would you do differently?
  • How was the quality of your were?  Where can you imporive
  • What skills do you need to practice more on the next research/PBL unit?

Here are ways to celebrate your accomplishments:

  • Have a receptions during a gallery walk of projects
  • Invite parents, district employees, and community members
  • Brainstorm as a class what you are proud of and post this list
  • Conduct and awards ceremony with creative categories
  • Donate projects for display cases


The video below geared towards teachers, but it also helps students identify how to evaluate each-other's process since it is a learning opportunity for everyone.  

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