4. Use Information

4.1 Students engage the information in a source
Basically, this step means that students read the research they have selected.  In this step, we recommend that students annotate text.  What is annotation?  It is an active reading strategy in which you mark-up a text.  This encourages comprehension (understanding) and prevents fake reading.  You become more engaged in what you read!  So, how do you do this?  There are really no rules.  But, here are some ideas: 

  1. Underline:  the first sentence of each paragraph
  2. Circle:  words you do not know, or words that are repeated or similar in meaning
  3. Highlight (or bubble, or code) anything that strikes you as interesting
  4. Use symbols:  ? for anything confusing, !!! for anything interesting, happy faces and sad faces
  5. Write in the margins:  questions you have, the main idea of each paragraph, synonyms or definitions for words you do not know

Here is a handout on "How to Annotate a Text"


 4.2 Students extract relevant information from a source

In this step, students re-read their research articles and take specific notes, analyzing what the text is communicating.  The attached worksheets give examples on how to analyze quotes from a text.

  1. Frayer Model:  this note-taking worksheet has students write two important facts, a quote, and a statistic or percentage.  This is a basic note-taking worksheet to pull-out information.
  2. Inquiry-Based Research:  this is a higher-level note-taking worksheets.  Students pull several quotes from the article and then analyse the quotes: write what is mean using your own words.

4.3 Cite your source
Remember that in any research project, you will still need to cite your sources.  Here are some videos to help your with citations and bibliographies.   Checkout these playlists on YouTube:

  1. Intellectual Property by Crash Course: this is for students and is comprised of 7 videos
  2. Understanding Fair Use and Copyright for Education from Edutopia  

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