3. Locate and Access

3.1 Locate Sources: intellectually and physically

  • Interviews:  create questions and schedule appointments
  • Library: go to the library and/or search our online catalog


3.2 Find information in the sources

Before deciding whether your not you are going to use an article you found, you must analyze it's quality.  Essential Question: What makes a credible source of information?  Here, you can use the CRAAP Method.  

STEP 1: ACTIVITY: Today, you will analyze the credibility of the infographics (a source of information).

  1. Go to the internet and in the search browser type your topic and "infographic
  2. Go to the images section and save to your Google.Drive at least five infographics about your research topic.
  3. We will then study what makes a credible source. Then, you will evaluate 5 infographics.

STEP 2:  Watch this video on the CRAAP Test:  As you watch it, stop and pause and evaluate your infographic - worksheet.  Study the CRAAP elements while watching:  

C = Currency: the timeliness of the information
R = Relevance: the importance of the information for your needs
A = Authority: the source of the information
A = Accuracy: the reliability, truthfulness, and correctness of the content…
P = Purpose: the reason the information exists

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