Make Your Voice Heard Survey

Make Your Voice Heard Survey
January 13th - February 7th

Make Your Voice Heard 

Family Notification Letter

2019-20 School Year

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Dear Families:

Make Your Voice Heard (MYVH) is a student survey that Jeffco Public Schools administer to students in grade 2 through 12. MYVH has been given to Jeffco students for over a decade. MYVH is administered every other year to all Jeffco Schools students, but is available for schools to administer every year. MYVH is a survey designed to promote engagement in school, improves the school learning environment, and combats problems such as bullying. Everitt will be giving students the survey between January 13th and February 7th, 2020.  

Content. MYVH gathers information on three key areas of engagement: social/emotional, behavioral, and cognitive.  Engagement in school is critical to academic performance and interest in continued education.  

Jeffco Public Schools is interested in discovering students’ opinions of the: nature and quality of teacher feedback, rigor of classes, level of comfort and belonging at school, quality of their relationships with other students and staff, family support for learning, technology, healthy eating, and student interest areas. MYVH has the same survey questions for all schools; schools do not add their own questions. You may review a paper copy of the survey items in the school’s main office or request an electronic copy by contacting your principal.  

The results are compiled into aggregate level MYVH reports. These reports are used by district leaders and school staff to help maintain the positive aspects of our schools and to address individual student needs.

It is Voluntary. Your child does not have to take the survey. Students who participate only have to answer the questions they want to answer and they may stop taking it at any time. 

It is Confidential. No students will be identified in any public reports or publications.  The results will be made available for analysis only under strict confidentiality controls.  Individual student data may be shared with school staff to provide instructional or school engagement supports. 

Administration. The survey will be administered between January 13th and February 7th, 2020. It will take about 30 minutes.

If you do not want your child to participate, you may contact your school principal.
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